Viva La Boca!

Viva La Boca!

Viva La Boca!

Viva La Boca! Foundation

La Boca is one of the most vibrant, iconic and celebrated neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. It is also one of the poorest and most abandoned. Long a symbol of Buenos Aires to the world for its brightly-colored sheet-metal tenements and immense pride, today the barrio faces many challenges: from infrastructure to education to culture to lack of job opportunities.

La Boca is home to the Blue Tango Project. It is where singer and guitarist María Volonté lived when she began her solo career as a world-renowned tango singer. It is where she raised her family. And it is where she still lives today. It is the neighborhood that gave birth to the Blue Tango Project. And it is the place that inspires us every day to create our music.

We love La Boca and call it our home. We want to be a part of its resurgence. That is why we are working to create a non-profit organization to help support those with great ideas to improve life in La Boca — both for those who live here and for those who come to discover its history and way of life.

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