“A cross between Johnny Cash and Atahualpa Yupanqui!”

A Ground-Breaking Musical Exploration.

Hailing from the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Blue Tango Project is a ground-breaking exploration of the emotional and musical crossroads where tango and the blues embrace. It is a collaboration between Argentine Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté and California harmonica player Kevin Carrel Footer.

After touring on three continents and playing hundreds of concerts from Kosovo to Caracas; having freely mixed chauffeured embassy limousines with sleeping in vans when the gig money didn’t cover the hotel; having felt the roar of crowds tempered by the silence in our own searcher’s hearts and embracing still the artist’s life in all it’s complex splendor, we have learned to believe. Believe in our destiny. Believe in the uncharted mystery of it all. Believe in the warm embrace of art and love that binds us all together.

Since we launched the creative union that would become Blue Tango Project (the band created by Maria Volonte and Kevin Carrel Footer) at the San Francisco Jazz Festival in 2008, we know that there are a lot of very special people out there who connect on the deepest level with our artistic vision, our road-centric approach to life and the music that we create. Ours — like yours — is a spiritual journey. We have visited with you after concerts, seen that look (sometimes tears) in your eyes when we spoke, performed in your living rooms and (in some cases) even stayed at your homes during our endless tours.

We give thanks for those moments we have shared for they are the purpose of and the payback for all that we do.

— María & Kevin

Maria Volonte

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