Buenos Aires Sounds

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The Blue Tango Project

Hailing from the colorful and gritty La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the Blue Tango Project is a ground-breaking exploration of the emotional and musical crossroads where tango and the blues embrace. It is a collaboration between Argentine Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté and California harmonica player Kevin Carrel Footer.

This globe-trotting duo celebrates the deep spiritual bond that joins tango and the blues, as two musical genres born of desire and lost innocence, many times censored yet always resurgent and speaking directly to our hungry souls.

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What the press is saying:

“The best-kept secret of Argentinian tango!”
– Songlines Magazine (UK)

“Maria Volonte is an Argentine singer whose refreshing interpretation of tango stole my heart… Her music is a potent brew. Consume responsibly.”
– NPR National Public Radio (USA)

“An entrancing creative expression that is uniquely her own”
– Los Angeles Times (USA)

“Maria Volonté is an intriguingly versatile and original Argentinian singer and songwriter… She has a cool, emotional style, plays impressive acoustic guitar, and is willing to experiment.”
— The Guardian (UK)

The Songs We Play

Here are some of the songs we played:

  • Apologia Tanguera – composed by Enrique Cadícamo y Rosita Quiroga
  • Golondrinas – composed by Carlos Gardel / Alfredo Le Pera
  • La Yumba – composed by Osvaldo Pugliese
  • Romance de Barrio – composed by Anibal Troilo & Homero Manzi
  • La Luz de un Fósforo – composed by Alberto Suárez Villanueva y Enrique Cadícamo
  • Oblivion – composed by Astor Piazzolla
  • Yo Soy María – composed by Astor Piazzolla & Horacio Ferrer
  • Beso Azul / Ay Ay de Mi / 9 Vidas / La Niña – composed and performed by Blue Tango Project
  • SF Tango – composed and performed by Blue Tango Project

Our Videos:

Tango Dancers

Tango in the Movies

Looking for some good tango movies? Have a look at these:

Classic Films Featuring Carlos Gardel:

  • Luces de Buenos Aires
  • Cuesta Abajo
  • Tango Bar
  • El Día que Me Quieras

Contemporary Tango Films

  • Tango (1998) by Carlos Saura is a beautiful meditation on the passions of tango.
  • Our Last Tango (2015) is a film about the turbulent life of two great tango dancers, Juan Carlos Copes and María Nieves.

Tango Stars

The Bandoneon

Tango Playlist

Some classic songs and albums to listen to:

Astor Piazzolla

  • Adios Nonino (song composed after Piazzolla’s father’s death)
  • Tango Zero Hour (album)
  • La Camorra (album)

Tango Orchestras

  • Osvaldo Pugliese
  • Juan D’ Arienzo
  • Carlos Di Sarli
  • Anibal Troilo
  • Ricardo Tanturi con Alberto Castillo