Dancing to the Blue Tango Project

Dancing to the María Volonté: Blue Tango Project is an exquisite, playful, cross-cultural experience. This Latin Grammy-nominated band explores the crossroads where blues and tango embrace. Since their debut at the SF Jazz Festival in 2008, the band has travelled the globe sharing their soulful music rooted in the life-affirming wisdom of these two great musical traditions.

As a consulting Master Coach across the country and beyond, I’ve gotten to play with all sorts of dancers and amazing musicians. The highlight of the year for me is certainly when we get to dance to the music fusion of The Blue Tango Project! Afterwards, I always wish I had video of it because their unique music — and the passion that comes through it — causes us to create so many fun things and rhythms through our bodies! I never want to sit out a song because each one is unique!

Natasha Thayer

Consulting Master Coach, Studio 6 Ballroom

Playing for dancers at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, CA.

Performing “Beso Azul” live in Denver with dancers Nick Jones and Diana Cruz.

Dancing to Blue Tango Project at Alex Kreb’s Tango Berretín in Portland, Oregon.

Performing “SF Tango” at Union Square, San Francisco for dancers.